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Landscape of a cornfield

Swimmin' Close to the Coast

“Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a journey back to where you started.” —Sid Dinsdale

We are proud to share our new project Swimmin’ Close to the Coast, a microfilm profiling the history of our company, as told by one of our co-founders, Roy Dinsdale.

Our story begins in Palmer, Nebraska, where George and Tom Dinsdale and two friends create Palmer State Bank to help out their small town during The Great Depression. After World War II, two of George’s sons, Roy and Jack Dinsdale, expanded on the founding principles and grew Pinnacle Bank, while staying pragmatic and fiscally responsible.

We continue to grow, progress and further Roy and Jack’s legacy of integrity, community and family — a legacy you can see in the people who work for and with Pinnacle Bank in the great communities that we call home.

Watch the full microfilm below, narrated by Pinnacle Bancorp Chairman, Sid Dinsdale.