Debit & Credit Card Protection

Your Pinnacle Bank cards are safeguarded by EnFact®, our 24/7 fraud detection software.

How EnFact® Fraud Monitoring and Alerts Work

Our EnFact® fraud detection software is always monitoring for suspicious debit and credit card activity on your account. It analyzes purchase history and fraud patterns to identify anything out of the ordinary. If we find something like a purchase in a faraway city, we’ll alert you to either confirm the transaction or start resolving fraud.

We’ll notify you with an email, text message and/or phone call and ask you to verify the transaction.

We will send an email first, then a text message and if we do not hear from you within 15 minutes, you will receive a phone call. Currently, text message alerts are only available for debit card activity. Credit card activity will be confirmed via phone call.

If you tell us a transaction is fraudulent, an EnFact analyst will help you take the necessary steps to protect your account.

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What do we need from you?

Be sure that your local branch has your most up to date contact information, including your email, cell phone number and home phone number.

We’ll use this information to reach out to you if we suspect fraud.

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Going on Vacation?

Before you go, contact us about your travel plans. This will help us make sure your transactions run smoothly while you’re away.

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Need more EnFact info?

Contact your local branch for more information on this service.

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