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Business Checking

We bring you useful financial resources at-the-ready to help you handle your day-to-day purchases and grow your business.

Free Business Checking

Want to free up your time and your money? This is a great account option because there are no hidden fees or minimum balance requirements if you do not exceed 500 transactions each month, including checks, debits and deposits.

In addition to 500 transactions, you’ll also get online statements. If, for some reason, you need a paper one, it’s just $5.00. We’ll also provide you with electronic check imaging, making bookkeeping easier and keeping your checks safe at the branch.

Other Financial Tools for Businesses

Of course we offer lots of other products and services to meet your business needs, too, like Visa® Business Credit Cards or Long-term real estate financing. That’s another benefit of choosing an established, local and trustworthy banking partner.

For more information or to sign up, contact your local Pinnacle Bank today.

*Subject to credit approval

  • Features


    No minimum balance, no hidden fees

    No Fees

    If you do not exceed 500 debits, credits and deposited items each month


    Bank online or in person


    We want to understand your business and needs
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