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Business Loans

Whether it’s an unexpected expense or you need a loan for a long-term project, we’re here with the money and support you need to be successful.

Loans and Lines of Credit

New Mexico is a diverse and vibrant state, and so are the companies that do business in the Land of Enchantment. Whether you’re just starting a new enterprise or are well established, we can help you with smart financing solutions.

Our lending options can give you cash for land acquisitions or simply adding square footage to your growing operation. If you need new equipment, we can get you financed quickly. The best part is that our loan officers know the ins and outs of the New Mexico economy and will tailor the best loan for your business.

We may not be in the room when you close the deal, but we can equip you with a Letter of Credit. It’s the backing and credibility you need to finalize contracts with confidence.

Being prepared for anything is key to being successful, and our revolving lines of credit will make sure that you always have cash available. It’s renewable and easy to access. All of our loans and lines of credit come with competitive rates to help you save money.

  • Features


    Work with bankers who know your business community from the inside out


    Unbeatable rates that will save you money over the life of your loan


    Easy qualifying that’s wrapped up in no time


    Long and short-term loans to suit your specific needs

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